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Transmission is vehicle’s most complicated and least understood significant component. In later model cars, it is a combination of sophisticated hydraulics and computer-controlled components. Dantrans Automotive transmission specialized services and repairs all automatics.

Our Transmission Specialist Servicing includes the following:

  • Fluid change every 20,000km to 40,000km depends on transmission type
  • Plug in computer scanner to check the car’s computer data and code information, note any trouble codes listed
  • Clear/reset computer codes
  • Drain trans oil/remove the oil pan
  • Check for metal/debris in the oil pan
  • Check all adjustments to bands, oil pressures, and linkages
  • Check internal wiring to shift solenoids and sensors
  • Thoroughly clean oil pan and fit new oil filter
  • Replace pan gasket/oil pan seal
  • Carry out vehicle driveline inspection of drive shafts, tail shaft uni joints, flex rubber rings, Oil cooler and hoses, transmission mounts/engine mounts
  • Road test and confirm proper operation
  • Report transmission condition to customer

As automatic transmission specialists, our goal is to be able to repair all automatic transmission issues.

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